Saturday, April 03, 2010

Turkish Delight

Traditional belly-dancing is known as raqs sharqi or Arabian dance, but like Romany culture, its widespread throughout the culture of lands close to the Mediterranean sea; Like the one time ancient cult of the Bull, the art of sensuous dance, Arabian dancing, wriggles and wiggles its subtle influence throughout Mediterranean lands to far-away New York and Hollywood dance studios.

Often associated with Turkey, Egypt and North Africa, traditional belly-dance is now more often known as Cabaret belly-dance.

It's simply politically correct nonsense to say that traditions of centuries-old dance are degrading to women, more like empowering, as far as i can see. This is especially true as regards the new primarily new American form of belly-dancing, with Tribal Fusion and Gothic.

Gothic belly-dancer Rachel Brice

Home-grown in North America, the sub-genre of Raqs Gothique or Gothic belly-dance along with Tribal Fusion belly-dance is thriving. Gothic belly-dance embraces all the bling, paraphernalia, costume and music associated with the Goth sub-culture and also brings new music,  dance-movements and interpretation to an art-form which was in danger of becoming a 1970's cliche of itself. Gothic belly dancing as an art-form is greatly enhanced and developed through great performers with innovative choreography and dancing skills such as Ms. Rachel Brice.

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