Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Matt Ek's Swan Lake

The Swedish choreographer Mats Ek's radical reinterpretation of Swan Lake places an emphasis upon the male dancer Prince Siegfried in a Hamlet-like role. Mats Ek (b. 1945) became the artistic director of  the Cullberg Dance company in 1985, succeeding his mother, Brigid Cullberg. Mats Ek's great re-working of ballet classics include Giselle (1982) Swan Lake (1987) and Carmen (1992). The opening sequence in Ek's Swan Lake showcases the brilliant talent of the Cullenberg's male lead dancer in what must be one of the most astounding male dance sequences ever choreographed, but the entire work itself is a fusion of highly original modern dance with traditional ballet.

Eks' Swan Lake was broadcast on the BBC in the early 1990's I believe; after possessing a videotape copy, lovingly transferred onto DVD disc many years later. I still can't work-out why the Cullberg company's highly original and often amusing ballet, a landmark in modern dance, is not yet available on DVD.

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