Sunday, September 04, 2011


Evidence that the seasons are early and that the past two months have been exceptionally wet with sunshine hours below average has now surfaced in my garden. As with everything else in nature, mushrooms are early in season this year. They need quite specific humidity and warmth in order to grow. Mushrooms, like human-beings  consist approximately of 90% water. It's only however, the surfacing fruit of the mushroom which is visible. Vast networks of mycelium spores can grow underground spreading dozens of acres and living  for centuries; the entire network can have more inter-connections in total than the cells and synapses of a human brain.

As every  observer of the British weather knows, this year's weather has been a story of two halves. An incredibly warm, dry and often cloudless April and May followed by an often wet, cloudy and cool June, July and August. Meteorological statistics now reveal the summer of 2011 to be the coolest summer   in 19 years, since 1992.  

What happened to the mushroom ? Well, after two days it grew into a  5" in diameter pan-shape, an uncanny signature of its final destiny, the frying-pan. Accompanied by onion and egg, it was delicious!   


-E- said...

so june, july, and august constitute summer in the UK? in the US we measure from the summer solstice to the autumnal equinox.


Does this September feel like summer still to you E ?
The Summer Solstice is also known as Midsummer's day in GB.

But I agree it's a vague time-table which Nature barely ever strictly adheres to by our calendar.

teegee said...

I didn't dare, in my ignorance, eat mine; to my great surprise they came up in my lawn in the Spring.
All our seasons are odd, too; the temperatures dropped by 20 degrees after the Gulf's wet, wet tropical storm, "Lee", passed over us (when Texas needed it so badly),

teegee said...

Our National Public Radio's "Science Friday" had an excellent, detailed discussion of why now and why where (notably where there has been dead wood), there have been so many mushrooms this year on both sides of the Atlantic.