Wednesday, September 01, 2010


Plums are just about ripe now. They are another fond memory of childhood summers spent with my Grandmother.

My garden still has the statutory two fruit trees planted by a progressive City Council for every tenancy almost nearly 60 years ago. The pear-tree is a bit decrepit now, but one can't imagine social-housing planning planting fruit-trees for tenants anymore. However the Norwich Labour Party's fruit-tree scheme was more of a remedial measure to ease the malnutrition and poverty of the working population. For although the City of Norwich can boast of being England's second City circa 1400-1700, historically it has also for centuries been recorded as one of the lowest paid regions of the UK.


teegee said...

I had a plum tree of that kind in Oregon. It bore so much fruit that after I'd made preserves and jelly every evening for a week, and given bucketsful to as many of my friends and neighbors as would take them and given them free to the corner grocery to see at 10¢ per pound, there still were plenty for all the birds.
Thanks for the memory.

Hydriotaphia said...

Hi teegee!
Glad to revive a memory !

Until ALL the fruit from fruit-trees is either eaten or preserved and not part of the shameful and wasteful mountain of food which is thrown away, the world can be said to be quite irresponsible towards food production and distribution.