Tuesday, March 05, 2024

A Browne bookshelf


I've found these books on Thomas Browne to be useful over the decades. From left to right - 

* Collected Works of Thomas Browne Religio Medici edited by Reid Barbour and Brooke Conti. pub. Oxford University Press 2023

* Approaches to Sir Thomas Browne, The Ann Arbor Tercentenary Lectures and Essays. edited by C.A.Patrides pub. Uni. of Missouri Press 1982

* The Opium of Time: Gavin Francis pub. Oxford Uni.Press 2023 

* Sir Thomas Browne- Joan Bennett
pub. Cambridge Uni. Press 1962

* The Strategy of Truth – Leonard Nathanson  pub. Uni. Of Chicago 1967

* Sir Thomas Browne: A Doctor’s Life of Science and Faith - J.S. Finch pub. Henry Schuman N.Y. 1950

* 4th edition of Pseudodoxia Epidemica (1658) with Urn-Burial and The Garden of Cyrus appended.

Thomas Browne Selected Writings ed. Kevin Killeen pub. Oxford Uni. Press 2014 

* Thomas Browne: A Biographical and Critical Study - Frank Huntley pub.  Uni. of Michigan 1962

*The Miscellaneous writings of Sir Thomas Browne edited by Geoffrey Keynes pub. Faber and Faber 1946

*  2 of the 3 volumes of The Works of Sir Thomas Browne edited by Simon Wilkins  pub. Henry Bohn 1832

Not included in photo -

*  A Catalogue of the Libraries of Sir Thomas Browne and Dr Edward Browne, his son. A Facsimile Reproduction  with an Introduction, Notes and Index by J.S. Finch. pub.  E. J. Brill 1986 (Essential for understanding the extraordinary range of Browne's interests and studies).

*  The Major Works of Sir Thomas Browne edited and with an Introduction by C. A. Patrides Penguin  1977 (First favourite).

*  Peter Green Writers and their Work no. 108 pub. Longmans and co. 1959 ( brief but insightful essay 36 pp )

* King James Bible (1611). Fundamental to Browne's spirituality, frequently referenced throughout his writings and a major influence upon his literary style.