Monday, April 04, 2011


I'm lucky to spend time at present as a volunteer at the church of Saint John Maddermarket. Now that the tourist season is under-way I get to meet visitors from all over the world. The window in the North chapel depicts the Annunciation and was designed by James Powell & Sons. It was donated by  parishioners of the church and cost £165 in 1913. Many visitors to the church of  Saint John Maddermarket  have commented on its pre-Raphaelite style, and it's arguably the most popular stained-glass window in the church.  The centre panel depicts lilies, emblematic of the Virgin Mary. On the well which Mary stands beside there can be seen two scenes from Genesis, the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve's expulsion from paradise on the right, the scene thus sharply contrasts Eve's disobedience to Mary's obedience.

I'm technically a little late posting this because March 25th  is the date of the church festival  commemorating Lady Day and the Annunciation in the ecclesiastical calender.

But of all the many beautiful religious artifacts located in Saint John Maddermarket my favourite remains the utterly fascinating  Layer Monument.

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