Monday, May 09, 2011

Hawthorn tree

The coldest winter for 50 years followed by the driest ever March and then the  warmest ever April are strong indicators that it's not  just the weather but the  very climate which is changing. I've lived  near to  a specimen of  Hawthorn tree for over 30 years and its the first time I've ever seen  one flower in April, invariably it flowers later in May.  

While cucumber and strawberry growers are reporting an early bumper crop, due to the warm weather, by far the most concerning weather feature at present is the fact that in the East of England it's not rained for almost 3 months. Without water life on Earth is unsustainable. The present-day weather extremes are ominous indicators of  climate change.


-E- said...

it rained a little bit in london the other day. nothing in east anglia though eh?

Hydriotaphia said...

Norfolk's a notoriously dry region of the England with low rainfall annually, so I shouldn't be so panicky, some forecast next few days. The Aquarium doesn't like the threat of being drained !

teegee said...

Atypical seasonal patterns seem to be international. Louisiana, for example, worried by flood threats (and more that just threats: the water is coming, we can only control, to some extent, where it will come—a whole continent of drainage from the Rockies to the Appalachians, some of it from north of the Canadian border, but statistics register that Louisiana is experiencing drought. Our usual rain fell to the north of us; NOW we get 'our' water. And we are getting summer temperatures a month in advance, too. Not that these facts, per se, prove anything; evidence to onsets and ends of ice ages is more profound.