Thursday, September 29, 2011


Enjoying the late return of Summer for several cloudless days now, with the temperature touching 27 degrees Celsius, I spotted a Robin in my garden. They really are exceptionally tame birds. For a full 20 minutes he hopped back and forth from fence to ground in search of food, occasionally singing, curious at my watching him. The secret to observing nature's wonders is quite simply stillness and silence, two commodities increasingly in short supply in the world today. 


teegee said...

That is adorable! I have tried and tried to photograph the Cardinal family, but they are very timid. Is that a young one, or is this species, too, different in the Old and New World?


It's not my photo I confess, camera was not at hand at the time. I believe the species has variants, the American robin is I believe different and slightly larger.