Saturday, January 22, 2011


My father died on January 22nd 1996, aged just 60, 15 years ago today. He was a sailor when this photo was taken on his wedding day. Just a few days before he died I picked up a copy of Sir Thomas Browne for the first time since my undergraduate days. On the day he died I had a numinous experience and several coincidences in my life occurred.  I remember my father's sound advice  - specialize in order to become an authority upon a subject. 

The figure of the cucullatus  points to the hooded, that is, the invisible one, the genius of the departed, who reappears in the child-like frolics of a new life, surrounded by the sea-forms of dolphins and tritons. The sea is the favourite symbol for the unconscious. -Jung CW 9 i 298.
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