Thursday, February 02, 2012

Golden Boy and Gherkin

Today on a  rare excursion to London, attending a conference, I saw this (above) with its inscription - This boy is in memory put up for the late FIRE of LONDON occasioned by the Sin of Gluttony 1666 and below - the 'Gherkin' tower, so-called because of its shape. Maybe it's an over-imaginative juxtaposition, but I can't help thinking the two monuments are related. But without doubt a certain seventeenth century Norwich physician and philosopher would have approved of Sir Norman Foster's quincuncial lozenge design in glass.


Nick said...

Where is the golden boy located? At least in that inscription the fire is blamed on gluttony there and not on Catholics, as The Monument's inscription used to. I do think, though, that the other nickname for the 'gherkin" tower, "crystal phallus", is the slightly more amusing one.


Nick i added the link to Wikipedia to answer your query on where the Golden Boy is located and the Gherkin's other lesser-known nick-names !