Monday, April 12, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Last night I watched a DVD recording of the Swedish choreographer Mat Ek's 'The Sleeping Beauty' performed by the Cullberg Ballet (1999). Modern choreographers like Maurice Bejart, like Jiri Kylian and Mat Ek have re-worked old favourites to a choreography which highlights their distinctive style and choreographic genius. Outrageous in places, I'd always been crazy about Eks re-working of Swan Lake with its prominent role for the Prince, from when I first saw it in 1993. I've now discovered how to share snippets of Video of Classical and Contemporary dance on this blog. Just go to Modern Dance and Ballet Video page to see why I'm so enthusiastic about Ek's radical choreography of perennial favourites such as 'Sleeping Beauty', it's certainly very different from stereotypical perceived traditional ballet and in the vanguard of contemporary choreography.
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